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Quality Month 2013: Fun, relevant, for everyone

Without much fanfare, The Medical City celebrated another Quality Month with activities that engaged everyone’s participation and involvement. Spear-headed by the Medical Quality Improvement Office in coordination with its various units, this year’s celebration is a combination of learning, awareness activities and informative games of which MQIO is known for.

This year’s theme is “Quality and Patient-Safety: from the frontlines to the world” which speaks of how quality and safety are in the hearts and minds of our people, from all levels, from different disciplines. And true enough, the activities that were prepared appealed to almost everyone in the organization. Read on.


Quality and Patient Safety Fair 2013

TMC Quality and Safety website: a first in the Philippines

Global Hand Washing Day

Quality at Work: a Photo-Essay Contest

A Taste of JCI’s 5th edition

Learn and Play for Patient Safety

Quality and Patient Safety Fair 2013

Trick or treat? Valentine’s day? Art gallery? Evidence-based knowledge? We had all of these during this year’s Quality Fair.

As what’s now becoming a tradition of the annual Quality Month, a fair is held to drum up people’s interest in the various quality and patient safety initiatives of the hospital. From October 29-31, staff, patients and visitors were treated to games, presentations and poster exhibits that challenged the spirit and opened our minds to the different quality and patient safety programs of TMC.  Just look at what the Fair was able to offer:

The Voice…of the Patient staged a ‘Trick or Treat’ for patients. The booth had give-aways and treats for those who participate in its games. In addition, patients were given a chance to share their ideas on how TMC can further improve its services.

Bakit hindi ako pwedeng i-crush shared very important medication safety information on why certain drugs should not be crushed and mixed with food given through a naso-gastric tube.

Up-to-Date and Visual Dx, the exhibit of the Center for Healthcare Innovation, informed participants on how they can access current clinical and medical information published in hundreds of scientific journals. Such information ensures that our doctors and other care providers provide care that is safe, effective and world-class.

P.S. I love you is the booth of the Patient Safety (hence, P.S.) Office. Gaily decorated with hearts and pink balloons, the booth offered games from which participants were informed of the ways by which we  provide safer care to our patients.

Lean Ways? No Waste! is the booth of the Medical Quality Improvement Office which aimed to educate people on the kinds of waste in health care. Identification of waste is the first step towards eliminating them which is the way to making our processes leaner, more streamlined and more efficient.

Quality at Work Photo Gallery displayed the different entries to the Quality at Work Photo-Essay Contest. The Gallery is also the venue wherein people can cast their “Like” stickers to select the “Most Liked” photo entry.

The MQIO acknowledges its partners for making this year’s Quality Fair another success: the Kaizen Club, Nutrition Management Service, Safety Management Department, and I-Group Distributors, among so many others.

TMC Quality and Safety website: a first in the Philippines

MQIO is happy to announce that  a quality and safety website has been developed and is now being tested via our corporate website ( Such a site is the first in the Philippines, is one of the few in Asia, and compares with only the best among JCAHO-accredited hospitals in the US.


The website shares with the public our clinical performance indicators and patient safety measures. Our indicators are defined the same way as how JCI has defined them. Hence, we are able to compare our performance with other high-ranked organizations in other countries.


We also share some of our quality improvement stories that we have compiled as the organization take its quality journey. The stories show that teamwork and engagement go beyond departments, turfs and hierarchies demonstrating that the satisfaction and safety of our patients are at the core of everything that we do.

The website can be accessed through the link

You may also want to download the powerpoint presentation for an overview of the website “Tour Quality Website.